Tactical update:

Bridge at Remagen 1945 Tactical System

OBJECTIVE: To capture as many Panzer (grey) or Sherman (green) tanks as possible, in the allotted time period. Tactical will start at 8:30a.m. and end at 10:30a.m. Aerial bursts will start and end the battles. Or it may end if all tanks are captured. There are 15 tanks for both sides. Tanks are made of a 8/12x11 paper envelope.

Aerial photos are provided for all unit commandeers, showing the locations for the objectives for both the German leaders and G.I. leaders. (15 tanks each )

The tanks will be posted on trees, buildings, or hang from bushes.

Inside the tank envelope will be a point value, and a number for casualty hits. Plus special squad leader instructions.

When tank is captured, 2 points, or more are awarded for either the German or G.I. companies. All German troops work as one unit. All G.I. troops work as one unit. Points will be tallied for all in each combat company unit. There may be additional instructions for squad leaders in tank envelope. G.I.'s capture grey panzers, Germans capture green Shermans. Combat teams cannot capture opposing teams tank.

Captured tanks must be taken to command vehicle. Vehicle to be designated at officers meeting on Friday evening. When the captured tank is delivered to command vehicle the points are doubled. Only one or more infantry men can deliver the captured tank to the command vehicle. If a vehicle captures the tank then it must be delivered by foot to command vehicle. No jeeps, motorcycles, or armored vehicles can deliver a captured tank to the command vehicle.

Casualties: Inside each tank envelope will be a number for casualty hits. Immediately after opening tank envelope squad leader, must designate casualties from his squad. They must remove helmet and report to medic aid station. Medic will give instructions to wounded soldier.

Medical: Medic station is located on map, and is neutral territory. At least one German and at least one G.I. medic will be posted at the station. (Red cross flag will fly at post)

Wounded must show their event dog tag, and give name, rank, and serial number, and unit to medic. Medic will give instructions. Additional points can be awarded if wounded obey medics instructions.




BATF Address information:
Limestone Township Building, 16 Hill Drive, Tidioute, PA 16351
Tidioute Boro , 129 Main St. , Tidioute, PA 16351

Event Rules, Authenticity Standards, and Safety Guidelines for WWII German Re-enactors 2017

This is the 9 year (72 Anniversary) for the Remagen event. Each year is more successful
than the last. As living historians and reenactors, let us remember the following: This event is
for the residents of Tidioute Pa. and visitors who travel from other areas to see our displays
and watch the battle. We shall offer them courteous and professional behavior; and
Kameradschaft between each respective unit. Let us show the public through our actions,
displays, impressions, and authenticity, the overall pride we take in being their links to history.
As Unit Commanders, it is your responsibility to make sure each person under your charge
complies with the guidelines listed below.


1. The Borough of Tidioute and Limestone Township. Pennsylvania are inviting us to use both
township and private property to make this reenactment come true. With this in mind, we ask every
unit and its members, to be courteous to both the township and private property owners as we will be
living and fighting through citizen’s backyards and businesses.

2. Only military salutes will be used This is not the time or place to display Nazi party salutes. No Nazi
party salutes will be tolerated.

3. If any person(s) causes problems, the State Police will be called and that individual, or unit, will not
be part of this event again.

4. Event participants must be a minimum age of 16 years old. There are no exceptions.

5. Any combatant aged 16 or 17 must be accompanied by an adult.


1. Uniforms and equipment represent the following”late war” Wehrmacht troops fighting on the
Western front: Heer Infanterie, Feldpolizie., Volksgrenadier, Volksturm, Luftwaffe, Falschirmjager. Jager
ground troops. And Waffen SS.

a) Uniforms and equipment will be quality reproductions or original items, worn correctly representing
the correct arm of service.
b) Black panzer crew uniforms are to be worn ONLY by individuals operating in an armored vehicle,
not vehicles such as trucks.
c) Correct uniform patterns can be wool or HBT.
d) Camouflage: Heer “Splinter A” or “Tan and Water”, SS, or Luftwaffe “SplinterB”
e) No Italian camouflage
f) No DAK uniforms or impressions
g) No Swiss wool conversion uniform

2. Hair and facial hair:
a) This is public event. At a minimum, hair cuts should resemble a taper without hair touching either
the ears or field jacket collar.
b) No Beards of any type!**
c) Facial hair should be no more than one day’s growth. There will be a 1 to 2 day maximum limit.
d) Mustaches, if worn, will be neatly trimmed and not extend below the upper lip. * Exception: only
Volksturm reenactors are permitted to have beards as long as the “Volksturm” armband is worn.

3. Weapons: must represent those used by Wehrmacht soldiers of proper rank and position during
WWII (i.e. pistols)
a) Weapons: should represent those of German issue ( the norm, not the exception). Soviet, British,
and U.S. weapons are exceptions and are not acceptable.
b) Each weapon must be clean, and in safe working condition.

4. Camp/display areas in addition to personal items

a) All visible items in the camp/display area must represent both the 1940's and German army.
b) Any non-period items should be hidden away, especially while public spectators are in the area.


1. It is the duty of each unit member to help provide a safe environment for their fellow reenactors or
public spectators during any event.
2. The influence of alcohol is a safety risk to everyone involved and is just cause for removal from the
3. All weapons will be on safe unless the order, given by a superior, to remove it.
4. NO live ammunition will be brought to the event.
5. All blank ammunition is subject to inspection, by the unit and /or event coordinators.
6. NEVER discharge a weapon within 15 feet of a target. Use the word “BANG” loud enough for
opposition to hear.
7. Participants must be at least 16 tears old, and in the presence of an adult to handle a live weapon.
8. NEVER attach a Bayonet to a rifle during any tactical event.
9. Ear plugs (flesh color) are permitted.
10. Anyone not feeling well or who has sustained an injury shall report their condition as soon as
possible, so appropriate treatment can be given.
11. Prior to any event, make sure enough water and sustenance is packed “authentically” to help
prevent dehydration and exhaustion. Each person handles the effects of dehydration and exhaustion
differently. Time should be allotted for the consumption of water and carbohydrates before, during,
between, and after the event to help prevent any ill effects.
12. HELMETS must be worn by all personnel for the tactical and public bridge battles.