Tactical update:

Bridge at Remagen 1945 Tactical System

OBJECTIVE: To capture as many Panzer (grey) or Sherman (green) tanks as possible, in the allotted time period. Tactical will start at 8:30a.m. and end at 10:30a.m. Aerial bursts will start and end the battles. Or it may end if all tanks are captured. There are 15 tanks for both sides. Tanks are made of a 8/12x11 paper envelope.

Aerial photos are provided for all unit commandeers, showing the locations for the objectives for both the German leaders and G.I. leaders. (15 tanks each )

The tanks will be posted on trees, buildings, or hang from bushes.

Inside the tank envelope will be a point value, and a number for casualty hits. Plus special squad leader instructions.

When tank is captured, 2 points, or more are awarded for either the German or G.I. companies. All German troops work as one unit. All G.I. troops work as one unit. Points will be tallied for all in each combat company unit. There may be additional instructions for squad leaders in tank envelope. G.I.'s capture grey panzers, Germans capture green Shermans. Combat teams cannot capture opposing teams tank.

Captured tanks must be taken to command vehicle. Vehicle to be designated at officers meeting on Friday evening. When the captured tank is delivered to command vehicle the points are doubled. Only one or more infantry men can deliver the captured tank to the command vehicle. If a vehicle captures the tank then it must be delivered by foot to command vehicle. No jeeps, motorcycles, or armored vehicles can deliver a captured tank to the command vehicle.

Casualties: Inside each tank envelope will be a number for casualty hits. Immediately after opening tank envelope squad leader, must designate casualties from his squad. They must remove helmet and report to medic aid station. Medic will give instructions to wounded soldier.

Medical: Medic station is located on map, and is neutral territory. At least one German and at least one G.I. medic will be posted at the station. (Red cross flag will fly at post)

Wounded must show their event dog tag, and give name, rank, and serial number, and unit to medic. Medic will give instructions. Additional points can be awarded if wounded obey medics instructions.


Registration update:

American / GI registration is OPEN for the 2016 Remagen event till all 125 spots are filled. We have armor returning with more to come. Don't forget our newest tactical on Saturday morning..It was well recieved by all who fought in it last year.If needing a packet for your unit or yourself please contact us here. Don't be shy GI we'll keep your feet dry. Cross the Bridge at Remagen 1945 and bring this war to a end.

BATF Address information:
Limestone Township Building, 16 Hill Drive, Tidioute, PA 16351
Tidioute Boro , 129 Main St. , Tidioute, PA 16351


Event Rules, Authenticity, and Safety Guidelines, for all American Units, 2017

This is the 8th year for the Remagen event. Each year is more successful than the last. As living historians and reenactors, let us remember the following: This event is for the residents of Tidioute Pa. and visitors who travel from other areas to see our displays and watch the battle. We shall offer them courteous and professional behavior; and cooperation between each respective unit. Let us show the public though our actions, display, impression, and authenticity, the overall pride we take in being their links to history.

As Unit Commanders, it is your responsibility to make sure each person under your charge complies with the guidelines listed below.


a.) The Borough of Tidioute and Limestone Township, Pa. are inviting us to use both township and private property to make this reenactment come true. With this in mind, we ask every unit and its members, to be courteous to both the township and private property owners as we will be living and fighting through citizen's backyards and businesses.

b.) The camping area is designated as a no alcohol area by the town and township.

c.) If any person(s) cause problems, the State Police will be notified and that individual, or unit, will not be part of this event again.

d.) Event participants must be a minimum age of 16 years old. NO EXCEPTIONS . Also any combatant aged 16 or 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

e.) To stay historically correct cannot have partisans of any type.

f.) Period rank structure per the Bridge at Remagen battle will be maintained throughout the event.


a.) The impression of all American Infantry, Armored Infantry, Rangers, Paratroopers, Engineers, Medical and Armored/Vehicle personnel will be that of March 1945.

b.) Division patches do not matter for this event. Units must meet basic uniform requirements. All uniforms are to be either HBT or wool design. M1941 or M1943 field jackets only.

c.) Helmets with correct WWII paint & hardware ( No Vietnam or modern hardware /paint)

d.) Boots brown period reproduction, 43 design and leggings are OK. (No work or black combat boots)

e.) Haversack 1928 with shovel, 10 pouch cartridge belt, canteen is mandatory, and medical pouch. Also all 1944 / 1945 Field Pack systems can be used for this event.

f.) M1 Garand is encouraged for all riflemen. M1 carbines for vehicle personnel are ok. Other weapons full auto, and semi- auto machine guns, propane operated are ok. ATF paperwork must be in order. Engineering equipment, mortars and smoke grenades are ok.

g.) All WWII period military vehicles are welcome. Vehicles will be limited for the bridge battle .For the morning tactical, vehicles maybe unlimited. Depends on registration. Vehicles with attached heavy weapons will have priority. NO post war jeeps, i.e. CJ's or after 1946. Armor is welcome, contact for more details. Register early for vehicle battle placement. We can unload any vehicle in Tidioute at our ramp.

h.) MANDATORY AUTHENTICITY INSPECTION 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning. No Exceptions! Be on time!

I.) No long hair or beards, hair cut per military standards, 2 days beard ok. No jewelry on face or ear.


a.) No live ammo of any type allowed at this event. Violators will leave the event immediately. Includes vendors. Blank ammo will be inspected by host unit.

b.) No weapons shall be discharged directly at anyone closer than 15 feet. No point blank firing at any person, it will not be tolerated.

c.) Be cautious with smoke grenades, they are a fire hazard in brushy and wooded areas.

d.) It is the duty of each unit member to help provide a safe environment for their fellow reenactors or public spectators during any event.

e.) Bayonets must be kept in scabbards at all times. No bayonets allowed on rifles.

f.) Full canteens must be carried by all soldiers for both battles. Unit commanders are responsible for the health of their men.

g.) Helmets must be worn for both battles, and event passes are to be displayed at Saturday 8:00 a.m. inspection.

h. All combat troops must be in proper uniform for both battles.

I.) In the event of medical emergencies, sickness, and injuries please notify event host unit, so emergency personnel can be dispatched if they are needed. Also in extreme situations 911 is the areas telephone emergency number.

Photographers: All photographers must register with 99th Headquarters . To be included in battle scenarios, all photographers must be in either infantry HBT or wool uniforms. Helmets must be worn. Modern cameras should be camouflaged. Passes are required. No civilians allowed on battlefields.

Professional Photographers and Movie Companies- must pay a registration fee of 100.00 to participate in the Bridge at Remagen event. This also applies to drone camara systems. As host unit we have the rights to all that is used for your company of our event.