American Troops: Walkons

American walk- ons will be OPEN for the 2017 event. There are many GI's and units who wish to attend . Again only 20.00 per man.This can be paid the day of the event at 99th HQ , registration. Please review our event rules on this website.

USO Dance

The Remagen USO Dance is back. This will be SATURDAY EVENING at the new American Legion on our side of the river. More info to come. Open to all period reenactors.

Tidioute Bridge Update

Last week the bridge was inspected by PENNDOT. It passed with flying colors and will be crossing our Rhine River for years to come. It might get a new paint job in a few years,We wanted to let you all know the good news. If the reenactor rumor mill says different now you all are in the loop and know the truth It's another beautiful bridge.

Vendor Update

Atlantik Wall Blanks, OH

Battlebaby Army/Navy, PA

Cobb Militaria, WV

Dunrite Armory, PA

Emmond Militaria, WV

John Keaton Militaria, OH

Nickerson Military & Sporting Collectibles, Warren, PA

Susquehanna Depot, PA

War's End Shop, Salem, OH


Click here to download our Field Kitchen menu for 2017!

393rd Reg. Field Kitchen TIONESTA AMVETS

1700 hrs.
Friday (Supper) $8.00

German Goulash / Spaetzle Noodles, Sour Green Beans, German Slaw, Bread, Apple dessert, Ice Tea, Coffee

0530 hrs.
Saturday (Breakfast) $7.00

Sausage, Pancakes, Eggs, Fruit, Oatmeal, Tang, Coffee

Our Kitchen will be open at other times for Hamburgers, Italian Sausage, Pulled Pork and GI Gyros/burritos & F/Fries

Our kitchen is manned by Veterans and all proceeds go to assist our American Veterans.

Only the first 100 customers can be served for each meal.

Tactical update:

Bridge at Remagen 1945 Tactical System

OBJECTIVE: To capture as many Panzer (grey) or Sherman (green) tanks as possible, in the allotted time period. Tactical will start at 8:30a.m. and end at 10:30a.m. Aerial bursts will start and end the battles. Or it may end if all tanks are captured. There are 15 tanks for both sides. Tanks are made of a 8/12x11 paper envelope.

Aerial photos are provided for all unit commandeers, showing the locations for the objectives for both the German leaders and G.I. leaders. (10 tanks each )

The tanks will be posted on trees, buildings, or hang from bushes.

Inside the tank envelope will be a point value, and a number for casualty hits. Plus special squad leader instructions.

When tank is captured, 2 points, or more are awarded for either the German or G.I. companies. All German troops work as one unit. All G.I. troops work as one unit. Points will be tallied for all in each combat company unit. There may be additional instructions for squad leaders in tank envelope. G.I.'s capture grey panzers, Germans capture green Shermans. Combat teams cannot capture opposing teams tank.

Captured tanks must be taken to command vehicle. Vehicle to be designated at officers meeting on Friday evening. When the captured tank is delivered to command vehicle the points are doubled. Only one or more infantry men can deliver the captured tank to the command vehicle. If a vehicle captures the tank then it must be delivered by foot to command vehicle. No jeeps, motorcycles, or armored vehicles can deliver a captured tank to the command vehicle.

Casualties: Inside each tank envelope will be a number for casualty hits. Immediately after opening tank envelope squad leader, must designate casualties from his squad. They must remove helmet and report to medic aid station. Medic will give instructions to wounded soldier.

Medical: Medic station is located on map, and is neutral territory. At least one German and at least one G.I. medic will be posted at the station. (Red cross flag will fly at post)

Wounded must show their event dog tag, and give name, rank, and serial number, and unit to medic. Medic will give instructions. Additional points can be awarded if wounded obey medics instructions.


BATF Address information:
Limestone Township Building, 16 Hill Drive, Tidioute, PA 16351
Tidioute Boro , 129 Main St. , Tidioute, PA 16351

2014 Photo Gallery

Thank you for your interest in the Bridge at Remagen, 1945 event, on the Allegheny River.

This year marks the 72th Anniversary of this historic battle. 2017 marks the 9th year of our event. Our Remagen battle takes place on a 551ft. steel girder bridge similar to the original Ludendoff bridge. Our Saturday morning tactical will be the 99th ,78th, and 9th, Infantry Divisions fighting for and protecting the Erpeler Ley above the bridgehead.

The tactical is set on 200 acres of a reclaimed gravel pit. Orders, and objectives will be given! NCO’s will be in
charge of squads and platoons. Orders will be given at unit commander meeting, 7:30 p.m. Friday.

The date of this event is August 3th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 2017, Thursday & Friday are set-up days. Registration opens
8:00 a.m. each day. The public battle for the Bridge at Remagen, will began at 3 to 4 p.m. on Saturday August
5th. Event ends at 5 p.m. Units, may stay over Saturday night. The cost is $20.00 for civilians and military,
venders $25.00 Professional movie companies $100. Absolutely no drones allowed at the camp grounds
or bridge battle. Please respect our drone rules.

The public battle will begin, in the Borough of Tidioute. As per the original battle, German civilians will be
fleeing through town and across the bridge. Call for info on civilian participation. The bridge will be blown by
our stand in German engineers. Professional Pyro.

All U.S. and German, Armored Infantry, Infantry, Rangers, Paratrooper, Engineers, M.P.’s and Vehicles are
invited. Registration is limited to 125 riflemen per side. We reserve the right to limit participation of units, and
vehicles to this event.

Both military camps will be on the Limestone Township ballpark, on Route 62, in Limestone Township,
downriver and only a minute from the Bridge. All registrations are due July 20, 2017 or earlier.
Vendors are welcome, cost is $25.00 per person attending, you must be registered to attend. Please call early
as space fills up quickly.

There is no camping for the general public. This area is private property and you must
preregister and pay a fee to be allowed in this area. No exceptions!

May we see you on the Bridge----

Multiple German and U.S. armor will be attending our Remagen Bridge and Tactical.

Rank structure for attacking 9th Armored, at the Remagen bridge battle, will consist of an armored infantry

All photographers must have permission from 99th Headquarters to be allowed in the battles.

Authentic GI mess: Hosted by Tionesta Am Vets Post 113. All GI and German military and civilians are invited for meals. Only the first 100 customers can be served for each meal.

Patrick A. Tarasovitch
Event Coordinator, Bridge at Remagen, 1945
Cell (814) 490-3377 Home 814-825-2068

The 99th Infantry Division Historical Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization

2014 Photo Gallery

Welcome to the 9th Annual 'Bridge at Remagen' reenactment!

9th Annual Bridge at Remagen Battle Reenactment
Saturday August 5th 3:00 p.m.

Camps are open to public on Friday evening Aug. 4 and on Saturday from about 11:00 till 2:00
p.m., and also after the battle, on Sat.

Camp grounds are located just down river of the bridge, with plenty of ample parking. There are
military vendors located at the camp where souvenirs and collectibles may be purchased. Small
lunches and sandwiches may be purchased at an authentic military field kitchen, located on
camp grounds.

Just as the battle begins on Sat. there will be German civilians, carrying their most valuable
possessions, retreating through the town and crossing the bridge. As per the original battle. We
believe there are no other reenactments that show what German civilians did during this battle
or any other battle.

All veterans of all Wars are invited and we have a large viewing area with seats and shade. The
shaded area is reserved for our older veterans. Special parking for handicap persons and
veterans. Water is provided for veterans and toilets are on site. This area is located at
Buckingham and King street, close by the bridge.

The Tidioute bridge closes to the public at 2:00 p.m. REOPENS at 4:00 p.m. This is to prepare
the bridge for the pyrotechnics.

Tidioute is a small town located on the banks of the Allegheny River. The town very closely
resembles Remagen Germany. The river is 500ft wide, the Rhine River is 700 ft wide. Both
bridges are steel girder construction. The woods, mountains, and ravines of Tidioute are almost
a perfect match for the Remagen area.

We are expecting between 250 and 300 reenactors. There will be dozens of military vehicles,
including both German and U.S. armor. Halftracks, tanks etc.

The battle in town is very up close with the public being only yards away, or you may watch
across the river on a hill just off Route 62.

The battle starts in Tidioute, the bridge is blown after German troops retreat, and ends on the
other side the river, with the capture of the bridge, and surrender of the Germans.
Parking in Tidioute is limited to on street parking or wherever you may find it. There are a few
small restaurants located in Tidioute.There are commercial motels located in Warren Pa.
Located about 15 miles north of Tidioute on rt. 62.


PUBLIC SAFETY NOTICE: Please stay behind all safety yellow barricade tape and ropes.
Armor vehicles have blind spots and cannot see you or your children if you are in the street. Do
not pick up any spent brass blank cartridges until after the battle. They get very hot. Please

Any questions feel free to call; Patrick Tarasovitch 814-825-2068 or 814-490-3377