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Event Cancellation Details


To All our fellow reenactors, friends and veterans,
Today the 99th Infantry Division Historical Society ,Inc and our Committee in Tidioute , PA have chosen to cancel our annual event of the Bridge at Remagen, 1945 set for July 31- August 2nd. With the Covid-19 virus effecting our nation and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf's social distance and gathering policies we had to. At one point there was a glimmer of hope that Remagen could go on this year if things moved more back to normal. This idea was crushed by the Reading , PA Airshow. Their event is normally in June and was effected by the virus. With that they decided to bulldozer over our yearly event date to save their 2020 show. That came as the final blow to our bridge battle.
Another ongoing problem was with safety for you our reenactor friends and the public as well. The virus has made new liability issues for the event. We do not want a lawsuit if someone became ill at our event and if social distance policy were not followed. We too thought about many of you are still quarantined in your State or out of work. Your funds and time must go into keeping your lights on and family fed.
With that the 99th Infantry Division will be refunding all event fees. The checks that we cashed will be returned to the event coordinator or unit commander. Checks that were not cashed will be destroyed and the unit contacted that it was done. If you have questions on the funds please write or call us at battlebaby99@verizon.net or 814-825-2068.
We thank all of you for your years of support of our Bridge at Remagen, 1945 reenactment here in NW PA. Many units have been with us since our 1st year, now 10 plus years ago. The Battle babies of the 99th Infantry Division hope to see you all again once we get through this trying time in our lives. We look forward to better days ahead. Please keep safe everyone in our Remagen Bridge Reenactment family.

This year marks the 75th Anniverry of this historic battle.

Just as the battle begins on Sat. there will be German civilians, carrying their most valuable possessions, retreating through the town and crossing the bridge. As per the original battle. We believe there are no other reenactments that show what German civilians did during this battle or any other battle.

All veterans of all Wars are invited and we have a large viewing area with seats and shade. The shaded area is reserved for our older veterans. Special parking for handicap persons and veterans. Water is provided for veterans and toilets are on site. This area is located at Buckingham and King street, close by the bridge.

The Tidioute bridge closes to the public at 2:00 p.m. REOPENS at 4:00 p.m. This is to prepare the bridge for the pyrotechnics.

Tidioute is a small town located on the banks of the Allegheny River. The town very closely resembles Remagen Germany. The river is 500ft wide, the Rhine River is 700 ft wide. Both bridges are steel girder construction. The woods, mountains, and ravines of Tidioute are almost a perfect match for the Remagen area.

We are expecting between 250 and 300 reenactors. There will be dozens of military vehicles, including both German and U.S. armor. Halftracks, tanks etc.

The battle in town is very up close with the public being only yards away, or you may watch across the river on a hill just off Route 62.

The battle starts in Tidioute, the bridge is blown after German troops retreat, and ends on the other side the river, with the capture of the bridge, and surrender of the Germans. Parking in Tidioute is limited to on street parking or wherever you may find it. There are a few small restaurants located in Tidioute.There are commercial motels located in Warren Pa. Located about 15 miles north of Tidioute on rt. 62.


PUBLIC SAFETY NOTICE: Please stay behind all safety yellow barricade tape and ropes. Armor vehicles have blind spots and cannot see you or your children if you are in the street. Do not pick up any spent brass blank cartridges until after the battle. They get very hot. Please obey all FIRE AND POLICE PERSONNEL.

0 Years of our event!


2020 Event Vendors

We thank our vendors who support this event, year after year. Here are the confirmed vendors for this year's event:


Erie, PA


Woolwich, NJ

Brett Johnson
Miltary Collectibles

Rapidan, VA

Atlantic Wall

Mt. Vernon, OH

Military Collectibles

Warren, PA

War's End

Salem, OH

John Keaton
Military Collectibles

Warren, PA

VFW Post 8803
Event Sponsor

Tidioute, PA

2020 Event Schedule

Event details and timelines will be posted here.


Event capacity cutoff

All registration packets must be received by this date: July 15, 2020. Cost this year is $25.00 per attendee. VEndors $30.00

Pat Tarasovitch Event coordinator


Event check-in on site is open

Registration check-in opens an reenactors are welcome to begin setting up their camp sites.

Pat Tarasovich Event coordinator

7:30 PM

Unit Commanders Meeting

All German and U.S. unit commanders must attend the Remagen command meeting at this time. Camps are open to public on Friday evening.

Pat Tarasovich Event coordinator

07:30AM - At Registration

Assemble for Private Quarry Tactical

All vehicles and participants of the morning quarry tactical will assemble for safety briefings, inspections and convoy (vehicles) and transportation (provided) to the quarry tactical.

Pat & Mad Dog Event coordinators

08:30AM - 11:30AM

Quarry Tactical (Private)

details tbd.

Pat Tarasovich Event coordinator

2:00PM - 5:00PM

Bridge Battle Timings (Public, in town)

Bridge closes at 2:00 PM. Battle begins at 3:00 PM Event ends at 5:00PM. Camp grounds are located just down river of the bridge, with plenty of ample parking. There are military vendors located at the camp where souvenirs and collectibles may be purchased. Small lunches and sandwiches may be purchased at an authentic military field kitchen, located on camp grounds.

Pat Tarasovich Event coordinator

08:00AM - 10:00AM

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Reenactor Guidelines

For more information, click on the links below to download the 2020 event guildelines.


Allied Reenactors


Axis Reenactors

2020 event guidelines here

Event schedule


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