Welcome to the 7th Annual 'Bridge at Remagen' reenactment!


Event Hosts:

The Bridge at Remagen, March 7, 1945
LUDENDORFF BRIDGE Cross the Rhine with Dry Feet Courtesy of 9th Armd Div.
Hosted By: 99th Infantry Division, 393rd Regiment, Easy Company



With so many US Mail problems, loss of packets ect. We will have WALK ON registration for any GI or GI units that like to attend. Registration opens at noon Friday and Saturday at 7am to 8am for the tactical which starts at 9am in our stone quarry. If you arrive after we can still sign you up but you will not be able to join the tactical since it is in progress. Again only 15.00 per soldier.

Vendor Update

Atlantik Wall Blanks, Mt. Vernon, OH

Mark Nickerson Militaria, Warren, PA

Battlebaby Army/Navy, Erie, PA

John Keaton, OH

War's End Shop, Salem, OH

Cobb Militaria, Charlestown, WV

Emmons Militaria, Harper's Ferry, WV


American registration is OPEN for all US units till July 20, 2015. This can close sooner if the 125 positions for American Infantry, Armored Infantry, Engineers , Military Police, Rangers and Paratroopers are filled. For more information please review American authenticity and safety standards on this site. If you like a packet please email me your address ASAP. We welcome all ladies and women's civilian / military impressions. All must be per registered, no walk-ons, thanks.

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This year marks the 70th Anniversary of this historic battle. 2015 marks the 7th year of our event. Our Remagen battle takes place on a 551ft. steel girder bridge similar to the original Ludendoff bridge. Our Saturday morning tactical will be the 99th ,78th, and 9th, Infantry Divisions fighting for and protecting the Erpeler Ley above the bridgehead. The tactical is set on 200 acres of a reclaimed gravel pit. Orders, and objectives will be given!

NCO’s will be in charge of squads and platoons. Orders will be given at unit commander meeting, 7:30 p.m. Friday.

The date of this event is July 31 & August 1, 2015, Thursday & Friday is set-up day. Registration opens 8:00a.m. The public battle for the Bridge at Remagen, will began at 3 to 4 p.m. Event ends at 5 p.m. Units, may stay over Saturday night. The cost is $15.00 for civilians and military, venders $20.00

The public battle will begin, in the Borough of Tidioute. As per the original battle, German civilians will be fleeing through town and across the bridge. Call for info on civilian participation. The bridge will be blown by our stand in German engineers. Professional Pyrotechnics.

All U.S. and German, Armored Infantry, Infantry, Rangers, Paratrooper, Engineers, M.P.’s and Vehicles are invited. Registration is limited to 125 riflemen per side. We reserve the right to limit participation of units, and vehicles to this event. U.S. vehicle numbers (3 jeeps) will be limited for Remagen battle, and the tactical.
Both military camps will be on the Limestone Township ballpark, on Route 62, in Limestone Township, downriver and only a minute from the Bridge. All registrations are due July 20, 2015 or earlier. There are no walk-ons for the Bridge at Remagen, March 7, 1945 event.

Vendors are welcome, cost is $20.00 per person attending, you must be registered to attend.


Multiple German and U.S. armor will be attending our Remagen Bridge and Tactical.
Rank structure for attacking 9th Armored, at the Remagen bridge battle, will consist of an armored infantry company, supported by armor. ALL GERMAN AND U.S. UNIT COMMANDERS MUST ATTEND THE REMAGEN COMMAND MEETING, FRIDAY AT 7:30 P.M.

Please note: We welcome all ladies and women's civilian / military impressions. All must be per registered, no walk-ons, thanks. All photographers must have permission from 99th Headquarters to be allowed in the battles. Authentic GI mess. Hosted by Tionesta Am Vets Post 113. All GI and German military and civilians are invited for meals.